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OUR TEAM 2019/2020

Victoria is a second-year Juris Doctor candidate from Toronto, Canada. Her legal interests are criminal liability in corporate regulatory contexts and will focus her doctoral research on the impact of the amended regulations for beneficial ownership of legal entities to combat money laundering in Canada. Fulfilling the role as Editor of this year's Verdict publication has been a wonderful privilege for Victoria and it is her hope that readers enjoy the sixteenth edition of the Law Society's magazine.


Adrienne is a second-year Juris Doctorate candidate from Vancouver, Canada. Her doctoral research focuses on analysing the sufficiency of the Gillick Competence Test and its application on minors with religious beliefs within the healthcare system in England and Wales. She is also interested in larger topics within international outer space law, contract law, environmental regulatory frameworks, and international relations and political theory. 

ADRIENNE, Sub Editor



Alex is the Verdict's communications officer and a 1st year Senior-Status LLB student from Aurora, ON, Canada. She chose to study in NI because she loves the UK and had never been to Ireland before. She is very pleased with her decision and loves her life here thus far. Her legal interests are rooted in human rights, women's rights, criminal law and criminal prosecution. Alex hopes to one day to represent, and advocate for those who need it most.



Daniella is a third-year Juris Doctorate student.  Originally from Toronto, Canada, her interests lay within criminal law. More specifically, her criminal law interests include a multitude of social justice issues, particularly those present within sexual offences, juvenile justice and domestic violence. She believes that living in an environment where equality and access to justice are important for each individual and no one should be deprived of them.



Jade is from a small village in Co. Donegal. As a second-year law with politics student, she spends a lot of her time doing plenty of readings and assignments to go with it. She has an interest in a wide variety of legal issues, but in particular, the law’s response to rape and sexual violence and how the law needs to be modernised in order to keep up with advances in the digital age. Outside of law she really enjoys keeping with politics and the latest current affairs. She also keeps busy by volunteering with homework clubs and taking Spanish language classes.



Jonathan is from Comber in County Down and is in his second year of studying straight law. This is his first time being involved with the magazine, and he relished the chance to do more research and write an article on a topic that he’d previously covered as part of his degree. Jonathan very much looks forward to reading what everyone else has written.



Lily is a final year Juris Doctorate candidate from Cleveland, Ohio. She is interested in public and constitutional law, human rights, and the intersection of human rights with corporate law.



Madeleine is in her final year of the LLB Law Single Honours programme. Originally from Austria, her legal interests vary from international law to human rights. She hopes she can work and research in these areas of law in the future, maybe with international organisation or an NGO.



Mary is a first-year law student in the LLB Senior Status program. As an international student from Canada, she is enjoying studying law here in Northern Ireland while also having the chance to explore a new country. She is most interested in social justice and human rights issues affecting the world today. Mary is very excited to be a part of this year's Verdict committee as general administrator and contributor!



Peter is from a small town in North County Down, Killinchy, which rests on the edge of Strangford Lough. Currently, he is in the second year of his Law degree at Queen's. His principal legal interests lie within the realms of the developing constitutional and administrative law in the UK; with a particular focus on Northern Ireland. Peter hopes that readers will enjoy his piece which focuses on the watershed constitutional changes introduced to Ireland by the 1920 Government of Ireland Act.



Silvia is an undergraduate law student at QUB, having attained her level 4 Diploma in Legal Services Course in Portugal. Silvia gained valuable experience as a paralegal at a reputable Portuguese general firm, where she assisted lawyers in preparing legal motions, arguments and legal research in various areas such as investment law, criminal law, civil law, including contracts, family and heritages, real estate and tort, commercial law.



Stefania was born in central Poland and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is currently in her second year of the Juris Doctor Programme, and her future plans include pursuing a career in Property Law. Her interest to join the Law Society’s Verdict sub-committee came from her eagerness to contribute to the QUB student body, as well as to further her own knowledge on the legal reforms occurring around the globe. During her free time, she enjoys travelling, volunteering, participating in mooting competitions, learning new languages and spending time with friends and family.  

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