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Inaugural 2020 Launch of The Verdict Online Blog

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

It is my absolute pleasure as Editor-In-Chief of the Verdict 2020/2021 to announce the launch of The Verdict Online Blog. I knew as soon as I stepped into my role as Editor for this academic year that I wanted the Verdict to have a larger online presence. Given the circumstances this year has placed students in (the pandemic), I see fit that there be no better time to launch an online platform of the Verdict.

My goal for this launch is to make the Verdict a more inclusive platform for QUB's law students; to be able to share their thoughts on an award-winning and respected platform that legal firms in Belfast are already familiar with, and well-recognized. Any law student would argue that the only way we can navigate the legal world is through connections. What better way to grow connections then by sharing written legal pieces online in a way that allows you to include your own personal thoughts and opinions?

This blog is supplementary to our annual award-winning legal publication produced each year. My hope for the Verdict Online is to encourage students who are passionate about different legal issues to write a piece that is not purely formal (such as the legal publication) but also allows for your personality and inner thoughts to peek through. There is no shortage of sharing your opinion as a law student, and this platform was created for you to do exactly that.

It is with great honour and pleasure that I also introduce the QUB Law Review page, designed to provide students with examples of first-class graded work straight from achieving QUB students. Please check out the page which is live now to find out more about it or to submit your work yourself.

We are looking for a team of online contributors this year who will be submitting pieces on relevant topics as they arise in the legal world throughout the year. If you would like to become a regular contributor for this academic year for the Verdict Online please submit your application through the Verdict Online Contributor Team page under our blog menu.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to give great thanks to the QUB Law Society for seeing this vision and allowing me to bring it to life. I look forward to a wonderful year working with you all!


Alexandra Cook


Verdict Magazine 2020/2021


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