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Welcome to The Verdict.



The Verdict is an award-winning publication through the Law Society at Queen's University Belfast that provides readers with fascinating legal insight. It has been an exclusively student-led publication for over a decade and has seen uninterrupted and continuous success, largely thanks to the quality of legal journalism our students have produced: from interviews with Rory McIlroy and Mary McAleese to polemics calling to diversify the Supreme Court, we are fortunate to have maintained a standard reflective of the exemplary reputation held here at Queen’s. This year, we hope to raise the bar even higher. 



The aim of the magazine is clear: to enlighten our readers on the importance of legal reform. Although this publication only scratches the surface in addressing the number of global issues requiring legal reform, it is our hope that through the diversity of topics each magazine contributor has addressed, readers would be able to understand how legal reform contributes to the shaping of democracies and its changes on current political, legal, economic, and social affairs.


The Verdict Online


With 2020 has come many changes in all areas of life, with legal reform nearing the top. The Verdict has taken a large step in acknowledging these changes going into the new 2020/2021 academic year and has launched an exciting new branch: The Verdict Online Blog. With a new constant presence writing about legal reform virtually, managed solely by Queen's legal students, The Verdict Online has opened a new pathway for students to become involved given the restrictions in place for the current academic year. 

The aim of The Verdict Online is to give more students an opportunity to write from a legal perspective during their studies and have their work published on a respectful platform that has only grown more impressive with each year. Not only is there a yearly publication now but also an online Contributor team that will be working closely with the Editors to provide the Queen's and Belfast legal community with the most up-to-date information of worldwide legal reform occurring. The Verdict Online is available for ALL to contribute, through our One-Time Submission tab. Whether you are a current student, first-year, third-year, or a graduate student we want to hear from everyone. 


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